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Students face challenging problems, some of which may require specialised graphing and equation tools for better understanding. GoAskNow tutors make sure they work on the zero-answered questions first as they tend to be the most difficult ones that many others could not solve. They use LaTeX tools for online equation editing.

Video Based Learning

Short, simple, objective-ready videos with a good voice-over are ideal for understanding key concepts that a student finds difficult to comprehend while reading

Subject Matter Experts

The progression of knowledge and literary skills is an important factor in developing educational content for K12. It requires the ability to relate prerequisite knowledge to the on-grade knowledge and present it in an interactive way. Often, developing content also requires an understanding of aesthetics, which includes organisation of content, using supporting images and formatting. Man content developers are not well-versed with the tools that can be used to enhance the content. Also, for clients based in different time zones, maintaining a delivery and a meeting schedule can be a hassle.

So we at GoAskNow have a team of Subject Matter Experts who specialise in different disciplines, and also grade levels such as Primary, Elementary, Upper Elementary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. Our SMEs provide efficient content writing services and have the ability to create content that is mapped to the learning objectives of the curriculum. With their pedagogical awareness, the SMEs are highly thoughtful with their choice of words and sentence structure while developing content. All SMEs are passionate about planning and finalising content that is interactive, organised and supported by relevant examples, graphics and other inclusions. All departments are also supported by respective academic content writers, quality analysts, editors, and graphic designers who help achieve optimum and timely results. Moreover, our services are available 24/7 so the content can be managed across different time zones.

Text Book Solutions

GoAskNow is committed to providing highly efficient textbook development services for our clients, keeping their exact requirements in mind. Content of academic writing created by us provides a full-range of content for print material and E-books for a variety of subjects. Our academic content writers understand the mandatory inclusions in a textbook and we constantly come up with better ideas to incorporate into textbooks. Due to our awareness of the different curriculum frameworks, we can develop content that is in harmony with the learning outcomes

K12 Service

K12 is different from the conventional method of teaching and involves a two-way and a more teacher-student communication rather than the one-way conventional version. The K-12 education is the term used to denote the education imparted in the primary and secondary phases of school life, including K or kindergarten to 12 which stands for the 12th standard. This particular system covers education from kindergarten to the 12th grade.
The K-12 education system includes high teacher-student interaction and teachers encourage a lot of question-answer sessions, assignments that would promote interesting learning habits in students. Individual attention is another key factor in the education system. This method of teaching is beneficial and lets the students develop learning and understanding capabilities on their own.

Quality Check

Quality check is an essential aspect of developing content for higher education. Checking the quality of the content for higher education consists of determining grammatical and punctuation errors, identifying plagiarism, and rechecking the facts.
We at GoAsknow specialise in checking the quality of the educational content via our highly trained QC’s and Quality Analysts.Our QC consultants aptly identify the risk areas and rectify them. We also focus on providing constructive feedback to writers.
We also check the work sent to us for quality assurance, manage time, and find solutions to problems for higher education. Along with rectifying grammatical and punctuation errors, identifying plagiarism, and checking facts, our quality analysts also check the format of the content and adhere to the client’s guidelines for higher education courses.

AR and VR E-Learning Services

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are products of technological advancement. AR and VR services can be challenging since it is essential to accomplish the learning objectives along with maintaining the interest of the learners. E-learning service providers fail to deliver immersive learning using AR and VR technology.
We at GoAskNow develop AR & VR Services to design training modules and lessons that are easy-to-understand, self-explanatory, interactive and informative for learners.